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Sales & Service Team


Jack Young - Project Manager 

Jack has been immersed in the wire and cable industry since 2015, accumulating invaluable experience over the span of 9 years. Before entering wire&cable industry , Jack began in the procurement department of CR Sanjiu Pharmaceutical  , where he gain managed project experience involving the purchase of membrane materials from renowned companies such as DuPont in the United States and various suppliers in Japan. These projects facilitated the supply of materials to domestic printing companies, generating monthly sales volume in the range of 40 to 50 million RMB.

After following the tenure at CR Sanjiu Pharmaceutical, Jack start transitioned to local department of one of the founding company of HOOHA for a year, where he specialized in after-sales service and international machine commissioning. Where he has the opportunity to travel abroad and oversee the installation and calibration of machinery, further broadening his industry expertise.

Subsequently, he was invited to join HOOHA as a senior project manager, overseeing the whole exporting business of the HOOHA group . Guided by China's Belt and Road Initiative and infrastructure development, I believe the foreign market is board . Starting as team member , he reach a personal volume for over US$3,500,000.00 , largest single project volume over US$2,000,000.00 . As team leader , Jack has led the entire team  to achieve record-breaking revenues in the range of US$4,500,000.00 . This accomplishment reflects our collective dedication and commitment to excellence.

For oversea project, Jack’s footprint spreads across almost every area of the globe. Only in 2023, Jack had been visiting and offering service to Indonesia - Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey - Europe, Mexico - North America, Columbia - South America and else totally 15 countries. Basically his specialty covers overall wire&cable industry, from wire&cable plant to conductor manufacturing plant (Enameling wire, tinned copper wire and else).  

For team building, Jack favor the philosophy of soccer, recognizing its ability to cultivate resilience, teamwork, and cohesion. I firmly believe that these qualities are invaluable assets in both sports and business, fostering a collaborative spirit essential for success.

Joe Chi - Eng. Plant Manager

Entered into wire and cable industry since 2010, Joe has 14 years non-stop experience in exporting wire and cable machine with technical assistance, specialized in the field of power cable, LAN cable/data cable, fiber optic cable project. Involving Copper/Aluminum wire drawing is also within his specialty.

As a plant manager work with client’s team in first scene and help dozens client’s cable business run to success. Almost have experience in every district of the world , for example , Columbia - South America , the United States - North America, Egypt, Dubai - Middle-East , Algeria - Africa , India - Asia , Turkey, Russia - Europe.

Proud to say that I value contract and trust to our clients .Even in the COVID-19 special time I flight to client and help them finish the LAN cable project.HOOHA has also been recognized as the most valuable cooperative supplier for 5 consecutive years, with zero complaints.


Sales & service team 

Leadership Anchors Our Sales & Service Team, Guiding Us Towards Success Every Step of the Way. But Behind Every Successful Team, There's a Unified Force of Dedicated Individuals. 

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