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High-tech Industry  

Application Introduction

Without doubt, Copper and Aluminum are electricity and information conductor in all industry. However, this is also considering to overall productivity of the outcome of these 2 metal. 

n fact, for the sake of performance, Silver is the metal that possess the best connectivity performance. But due to its low existence rate, only some certain field of industry that require extra high connectivity and stability will use Silver plated copper as conductor. For example, aerospace connection wire harness, wire for military use, high precision electronic connection wire, etc .

Also, when it comes to transferring data, the ability of immunity to disturbance is also a key parameters to value. Hence combined metal between copper and other metallic material is now widely developed. For example tinned copper, silver gold plated copper wire for high fidelity audio device.


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In high-tech industry , conductor are usually flexible with thin single wire dia. , also for single drawn wire , they will be surface treated with different procedure , such as electrolytic , physical tinning, etc .

Wire Drawing

Wire Surface Treatment & Wire Twisting

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