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Brass RBD Drawing Machine

Rod Breakdown Machine Line

Brass RBD Drawing Machine


Brass wire drawing is the process of reducing a brass wire/rod’s cross-sectional area by pulling via a drawing die. A single or multiple dies can be used to achieve the desired cross-section.

There are several uses to which you apply drawn brass wires across industries. Some of these uses are described below:

1. Brass cables for varied uses such as conductive cables are made by wire drawing.

2. Some wheel spokes can be fashioned by wire drawing.

3. Wire drawing of brass can be used in making springs and paper clips.

4. Guitars, violins, harps, and other similar instruments employ wire drawing to make the strings.

    Brass RBD Drawing Machine (2)gxy

    1. High precision grinding gear transmission

    2. The drawing machine adopts full immersion type and is isolated from the gearbox part

    3. Adopt DC annealing, annealing automatically track the speed

    4. The tempering machine is driven by independent motor



    Max.inlet diameter(mm)

    φ5.5~8.0(Tensile strengths 400N/MM²)

    Outlet diameter range(mm)


    Max.number of dies

    9Contains planing mold

    Servo motor power(kW)

    8X AC 45

    Capstan motor power(kW)

    AC 55



    Max.mechanical speed(m/min)


    Drawing wheel diameter(mm)

    560mm for 1st to 4th,450mm fer 6th to 8th,and 450mm for final capstan

    Available combined type

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